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Monday Apr 19 2021
Web Desk

YouTube commemorates Pakistan content creators' success

Web Desk
YouTube content creator (centre) Mubashir Saddique. — YouTube

More than 2 billion users visit YouTube every month to view their favourite videos and Pakistanis are no different — not only do they love watching the platform's content, but they also create some amazing pieces that reach millions of fans globally.

Owing to the success of one such creative content creator, YouTube celebrated Mubashir Saddique and his popular channel Village Food Secrets through his story on YouTube.

The video shares the journey of a common man, Mubashir, hailing from a Punjab's Shahpur village, who used to live in Sialkot, where he worked at a football factory and would return home for the weekends.

That's when he would cook for his family — an activity he enjoyed so much that it turned into content for his YouTube channel, Village Food Secrets.

After four years of constantly creating inspiring content that showcased the idyllic Pakistani rural life and sharing his cooking skills, he has amassed over 2.84 million subscribers coming from different parts of the world.

Mubashir, passionate about cooking food, was introduced to YouTube by his brother, who had discovered vlogging and is currently running two popular YouTube channels, Mudassar Saddique and Food Secrets. Mubashir joined YouTube in January of 2017 when there were no proper internet facilities in Shahpur.

He used to record content with his mid-range smartphone and then travel to Sialkot, where he would use a room at his office to edit and upload.

Village Food Secrets provides a fresher alternative for his viewers with his portrayal of Pakistani’s beautiful countryside along with mouthwatering recipes rooted in village traditions. Thanks to his novel content, Mubashir’s channel has grown rapidly and has enabled him to not only financially support just himself and his family, but his village.

His success on YouTube has benefited his village, but more importantly, his success has become an inspiration for all Pakistanis.

People in surrounding villages are now coming to YouTube to create content, earn a living for their communities, and share their stories to YouTube’s global audiences.