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Friday Apr 23 2021
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How Prince Philip coached Prince William for future role as king

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Prince Philip is said to have played a pivotal role in prepping Prince William to take the throne from the Queen in the future.

Royal historian Robery Lacey said that the late Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away on April 9, played as a “coach” to the Duke of Cambridge in a bid to help him prepare for his future role.

According to the historian, Philip would set up meetings with William and the Queen where the duo would "talk business". 

“Philip was crucial in helping coach William as a future King,” he said.

“It was Philip's idea to set up the lunches between William and his grandmother.

“When the time came for the Queen to talk business with William, Philip would quietly excuse himself because he didn't feel that the constitutional side of the Queen's job was something he wanted to interfere in."