Scott Patterson wants Meryl Streep to join ‘Gilmore Girls’ cast for a reboot

Scott Patterson also revealed that he is rooting for Rory Gilmore to be with his character’s nephew, Jess Mariano

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American actor Scott Patterson is opening up about the likelihood of a Gilmore Girls reunion.

The actor spoke to Us Weekly and revealed that he isn’t just on board with the idea of reuniting the cast and crew of the iconic comedy drama but is already prepared with some fascinating story ideas as well.

The 62-year-old while promoting his Gilmore Girls rewatch podcast, I Am All In, said: “[Rory] has the baby,” while also noting that that he doesn’t know who the father of the baby is either.

“If it’s Logan (Matt Czuchry) or whatever, then, you know, he flips out and goes away. History repeats itself a la Christopher (David Sutcliffe) and Lorelai,” he says.

“And then she goes off to pursue a huge opportunity in Europe for her writing and dumps the baby in our lap. And we get to raise the kid a little bit while she’s off pursuing that and she comes back,” he added.

Meanwhile, he also revealed that he is rooting for Rory Gilmore to be with his character’s nephew, Jess Mariano.

“He’s my nephew! I love the kid, you know, he’s blood. I like Milo a lot. Not that I don’t like Jared [Padalecki] or Matt, it’s just, I worked with him a lot and I always enjoyed it,” Patterson said.

“I was like a combo of Dean and Jess when I was growing up. I was soulful and poetic, but I also had that sort of edgy kind of Kerouac thing,” he said.

“I just think that character [of Logan] is so smug. … Yes, I think in her DNA, she probably needs that, because she’s a Gilmore, right? But I don’t know. I think to honor how her mother brought her up, I think it’s a little more Jess,” he added.

He further said that he couldn’t remember if Luke Danes’ parents were alive, after which he suggests: “The mom could be alive, right? I mean you could get Meryl Streep to come in and play my mom. They could give me another horrible wig and I could play the younger version of myself with my dad throwing the football. … Anything’s possible. We have a lot of the Gilmore thing happening, how about Dane’s Dudes? Maybe a spinoff.”