Thursday Jun 17 2021
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For love of profession: Filipino web developer names son 'HTML'

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Photo: Facebook

Across the globe, people tend to name their children after the things or people they love. From flower to mountains to the names of celebrities, the world has seen it all. But a man in the Philippines went a step ahead and chose a name for his newborn which surprised everyone. 

According to The Daily Mail, the father of the baby, a web developer by profession, named his baby Hypertext Mark-up Language Rayo Pascual - or HTML for short, to show his devotion to his profession.

Per the piece, giving unique names to babies is not uncommon in the Pascual family, adding that his own name — Mac — is short for Macaroni 85.

Mac Pascual told the website that one of his sisters was named Spaghetti 88, while two of her children are called Cheese Pimiento and Parmesan Cheese, but they use the nicknames Chippy and Peewee.

HTML was born healthy, weighing 2.25 kilograms (4.9 pounds) at the Bulacan Medical Mission Group Cooperative Hospital near the capital city of Manila.

The mother of the child, Salie Rayo Pascual, told the website that she is delighted to welcome her child, adding that her relatives are happy with the name of the baby too.