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Friday Jul 30 2021
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Hindu woman crashes nikkah ceremony of Muslim boyfriend in India, takes him with her

Web Desk

  • Santosh Kumari stopped Ajmal Ahmed's Nikkah. 
  • The two had been living together in Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi. 
  • Santosh requested the help of the police officers to get Ajmal back

A 22-year-old Hindu woman crashed her boyfriend's nikkah ceremony in India and took him back with her, Times of India reported.

On Tuesday, Santosh Kumari stomped into Mandawar police station looking for her 25-year-old boyfriend, Ajmal Ahmed. Santosh drove from Sarai Kale Khan with her friends. 

She had met Ajmal in a Delhi salon where Ajmal worked as a hairdresser. The two had instantly hit it off and soon moved in together in a house in Sarai Kale Khan. 

A few days ago, Ajmal had left Delhi and came back to Binjor to get married. Santosh had requested the help of the police officers to get Ajmal back, reported Mandawar SHO Manoj Kumar. 

Santosh, with the help of police officers, stormed the nikkah venue and successfully stopped the ceremony. Ajmal was brought back to the police station from where Santosh took him back to Delhi.

It is also reported that a group of Vishva Hindu Parishad members had landed at the police station in order to “protect” the Hindu woman. Santosh, however, paid no attention to them and said she entered into a relationship with him at her own will and that there was no coercion.