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Monday Aug 23 2021
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Level 4 exploit discovered, Chrome and Edge users advised to update browsers

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  • Level 4 exploit means the attackers have the potential to harm multiple users. 
  • Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are "equally" vulnerable to the attack. 
  • Users are advised to update their browsers as soon as possible. 

Microsoft and Google have pushed out an urgent update for their browsers as a Level 4 Drive-by exploit was discovered, which could lead to disastrous consequences, Ubergizmo reported Sunday. 

Following the "urgent" update, users are advised to update their browsers as soon as possible as the attackers are in a position to easily affect as many users without much effort. 

Both companies have labelled the exploit as "Level 4", meaning they are high impact exploits that are easy to pull off. What this entails is that the attackers have the potential to easily affect multiple users without too much effort.

“Several vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Microsoft Chrome-based Edge have been disclosed. An attacker can exploit this with unknown effects. To exploit it, it is sufficient to call up a maliciously designed website or to click a link to such a page,” wrote the BSI in their technical safety notice released on Friday. 

Both Chrome and Edge are built on the Chromium platform, meaning both browsers are equally vulnerable to the attack. 

The update should be live for some users, while others might be getting the message to restart the browser to complete the update. 

Users are advised to check for the update, install it and restart their browsers to be protected from any attack.