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Thursday Sep 02 2021
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How you can transfer your WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone to Android phone

Web Desk
How you can transfer your WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone to Android phone

WhatsApp introduced a cross-platform facility to transfer chat history from a device with the iOS operating system to an Android phone. However, different users have experienced some issues that stops them from completing the process.

We have ironed out the process for you. Have a look at it closely.

Before you go for the transfer of chat history, first pay attention to whether the two platforms have compatible updates. To be able to transfer chat history, WhatsApp for Android should have an update of and WhatsApp for iOS the 2.21.170+ update.

Users can finally move their chat history from another platform after activating support for chat migration from iOS to some Samsung Android phones. Previously, users had to use unofficial third-party apps that were not free. However, WhatsApp has launched this feature and you can begin moving your chats and media right now.

So, how do you move your chat history? You'll need a new Android phone with at least an Android 10 tuned to its default factory settings, as well as the most recent version of the Samsung SmartSwitch app.

You'll need the Samsung SmartSwitch app because the process for migrating your chats is currently available for certain Samsung phones alone. You need a USB-C to lightning cable (or any adaptor) to connect your phone to your iPhone.

After connecting your phone to your iPhone via cable, launch the Samsung Smart Switch app and follow the instructions to scan the QR code displayed on your new phone with your iPhone.

After the QR Code stage, you can begin the process of transferring general data. Open WhatsApp from your Android device after reaching the home screen and sign in with your phone number, the same used on WhatsApp for iOS.

Now, you will be prompted to import the chat history. Confirm the operation. A little later, your messages and media will appear on your Android phone.

You will then be logged out of WhatsApp on your iPhone as it is not possible to use the same account on multiple mobile devices.

If you have some phone other than the designated Samsung models, unfortunately, it will not be possible for you to migrate your chat history. However, WhatsApp is working on making this possible in future.

You also cannot transfer your chat history from an Android to iOS right now.