Tuesday Jan 11 2022
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Creepy clown on YouTube instructs three-year-old boy to kill his family

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  • In middle of educational video, three-year-old Joey gets a terrifying message from creepy clown.
  • Hidden message shows images of children being stabbed in the neck and segmented.
  • Video has been taken down since boys's mother complained last month.

Little Joey, a three-year-old boy, has been exposed to a hidden message during a YouTube video by a creepy clown which showed images of children being stabbed in the neck and mutilated. 

Stephanie Zikmann, the mother of the infant, has issued a chilling warning to other parents.

According to The Sun, Joey's father had settled him in front of the screen so that he can be helped with numbers.

He saw an advertised video with a dinosaur which was titled "Counting for kids" and he played it for his son. 

After a few minutes, a terrifying message was delivered by a Pennywise-inspired clown.

Stephanie, from Glasgow, said: "I am so horrified. I'm disgusted, I really am."

"My son was innocently watching counting dinosaurs on YouTube before it was taken over by what I gather is a combination of It and Pennywise.

"The most worrying thing about it was the message 'kill them all.'

She said that as the video went on, it told kids to kill all children with images of kids getting stabbed in the neck, getting their arms chopped off and so on, all while a catchy song continued to tell them to "kill them all."

"What's all the more alarming is that Joey didn't seem disturbed by this at all which makes me wonder, is this a regular occurrence? What else are our kids seeing?"

Stephanie is further taking action for the video platform to do more to stop it from happening to other children.

The video appears to have been taken down since Stephanie complained last month.