Wednesday Jan 19 2022
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Prince Harry could inherit Prince Andrew's Duke of York title

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Prince Harry could inherit Prince Andrews Duke of York title

In a new bombshell claim, it has been revealed that Prince Harry could be next in line to receive the Duke of York title from Prince Andrew.

According to constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne, Prince Andrew, who has two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, cannot pass down his dukedom to his children as it can only be transferred between men.

The Duke of York title is traditionally held by the second son of the sovereign which in this case would be Prince Harry once Prince Charles ascends the throne.

"Without a son, and by the terms of the letters patent under which the dukedom of York was again created in 1986, the death of the present duke will see the title merge with the crown," Ian told Express.

"Historically it is a title that has been granted to the second son of the sovereign.

"Arguably, with Charles’ accession, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex becomes the sovereign's second son and could under the custom become the next Duke of York in addition to being duke of Sussex.

"The fashion for creating multiple dukedoms, such as during the reign of Victoria has, however, died out.

"Additionally, the custom of new creations has invariably become linked with marriage and as that has already occurred, together with his withdrawal from front line royal duties, his creation as Duke of York seems unlikely, should the title be available."