Tuesday Mar 15 2022
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Man divorces wife after 3 months of marriage as she blocked him on WhatsApp

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Man holding a cellphone displaying a WhatsApp screen. — Asterfolio/ Unsplash
Man holding a cellphone displaying a WhatsApp screen. — Asterfolio/ Unsplash

  • Court issues verdict in favour of man, asks woman to return dowry and gold that her husband gifted.
  • Woman's father claims husband's behaviour with the wife was not good.
  • Couple had their nikkah done but had not moved in together yet.

A man has reportedly divorced his newlywed wife after he found out that the woman had blocked him on WhatsApp.

The incident took place at the end of last month, Gulf News reported, adding that the couple had tied the knot only three months ago.

The man, who was a Saudi national, filed for divorce in the Civil Status Court in Jeddah, saying in the petition that he wanted to part ways with his wife as she had blocked him on WhatsApp. 

Per the report, the court issued a verdict in favour of the man and also asked the woman to return the dowry and gold that the husband had given to her at the time of marriage. 

As per the report, when the couple tied the knot, the man had given his wife a dowry of SR50,000 (Rs2.3 million) as well as some gold.

The couple had had their nikkah done and had agreed to throw a wedding party later on, however, the man and the woman ended up fighting after which the woman decided to block her husband on WhatsApp.

“We have reached a situation where my wife blocked me on WhatsApp. I could not communicate with her and had to call her father but to no avail. This is why I am asking my wife to either come back home or return the dowry and gold I gave her,” the man told the court, according to Gulf News.

The father of the woman said that her husband did not treat her well and his behaviour was so bad that she ended up hating him, the report said.

The woman, according to her father, wanted to complete her studies first before moving to her husband's house to which the man was not agreeing. 

However, the man denied the allegations.