Wednesday Mar 30 2022
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Doctor in India takes his own life after patient dies in labour

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  • Family of the patient lodges an FIR against the doctor.
  • Doctor leaves suicide note to clarify she did not make any mistake
  • hopes her death protects doctors from such "harassment" in future.

DAUSA: A gynaecologist in India took his own life after the family of a patient held her responsible for the patient's death and lodged an FIR against her.

Dr Sharma in Rajasthan was delivering a baby in a private hospital when her patient passed away in labour.

When the news reached the family, they held the doctor responsible for the death and requested an inquiry into the matter.

Soon, they lodged an FIR against her.

The police claimed that Dr Sharma committed suicide due to the tension that she described as "harassment" in her suicide note.

They added that the suicide note was written before she hanged herself.

In the letter, she wrote that "I have not made any mistake; the patient died due to a complication in labour."

"Please do not harass innocent doctors," she wrote.

She also added that she hopes her death causes reforms to come about that protect doctors in the future.