Monday, April 18, 2022
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'Hundreds' of men protest outside Jemima Goldsmith's 88-year-old mother’s house

Jemima asks UK police if the "threats" issued to her were legal; PTI, PML-N members protest in London

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Protesters gathered outside Jemima Goldsmiths mothers residence in Surrey (L); Former wife of Imran Khan Jemima Goldsmith (R). — Twitter
Protesters gathered outside Jemima Goldsmith's mother's residence in Surrey (L); Former wife of Imran Khan Jemima Goldsmith (R). — Twitter

Following the ouster of PTI Chairman Imran Khan from power through the no-confidence motion, PTI workers — both home and abroad — have been staging protests against what their leader termed a "foreign conspiracy" against his government. 

As the protests also erupted in London outside of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif's Avenfield residence, the party's stalwarts and supporters decided to retaliate and announced that they would hold a demonstration outside the house of Jemima Goldsmith, the ex-wife of Imran Khan and the mother of his two sons, Qasim and Suleman.

The move was widely condemned on social media as netizens maintained that since Jemima was not related to Pakistani politics, she should not be dragged into the matter. 

Jemima herself also condemned the call for protests outside her home, saying that she and her children have nothing to do with Pakistani politics. She also said that the chaotic situation reminds her of Lahore in the 1990s when she used to live there.

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But on Monday, as PML-N supporters went outside to stage a protest outside of the house of Jemima's 88-year-old mother, she asked the police if that was legal.

Taking to Twitter, Jemima posted a video in which PML-N workers could be seen chanting slogans against PTI protesters, saying that if they didn't stop protesting outside of Nawaz's house, PML-N supporters would "invade their bedrooms."

Jemima, however, wrote in her tweet that the threats were directed at her as well as her sons. 

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"This is a video of hundreds of men protesting for hours outside my 88 yr old mother’s house in Surrey yesterday. The man with the tannoy is threatening. “If Jemima and her children don’t come down here, then we will enter her bedroom.” @metpoliceuk is this legal?" she tweeted.

Jemima has not made any political statement after the ouster of Imran Khan but her brothers Zac Goldsmith, who is a UK government minister, and Ben Goldsmith have expressed support for their former brother-in-law.

Last week, the British government distanced itself from Foreign Office minister Lord Zac Goldsmith after he intervened in Pakistani politics and tweeted in support of Imran Khan.

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Downing Street was asked whether Lord Goldsmith, who is Foreign Office minister for the Pacific and international environment, was speaking on behalf of the government.

A spokesperson responded: “With regard to Pakistan, we respect Pakistan’s democratic system and we would not get into its domestic political affairs. We have longstanding ties with Pakistan and are monitoring developments.”