Saturday Apr 23 2022
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Harry is 'deceiving'! Body languages expert tells how Queen meeting really went

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Prince Harry might not be all true when he said his meeting with the Queen last week went 'great.'

Body language expert Dr Lillian Glass shares the Duke of Sussex major tells that indicate his visit to Windsor castle was not all flowery.  

She tells Express.co.uk that Harry “hesitates for way too long” before answering about his and the monarch's meeting went.

She adds: “He shakes his head no when he says it was great. Then he looks away and changes the subject to her sense of humour.”

Dr Glass notes it is a “signal of deception” indicating the visit wasn’t as “great” as Harry had described.

She adds: “He also doesn't have a genuine smile when discussing the meeting. In fact, he looks sad.

“When people recall a pleasant meeting they usually show a genuine smile. This was not the case here.”

When on Monday, Hoda Kotb asked Harry how did his visit to the Queen go, the  Duke of Sussex shared that the 96-year-old is in “great form” 

He added: “She’s always got a great sense of humour with me and I’m just making sure she’s protected and got the right people around her.”