Thursday May 12 2022
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K-Electric denies reports of unannounced load-shedding in Karachi

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Technicians are silhouetted as they fix cables on a power transmission line in Karachi, Pakistan. — Reuters/File
Technicians are silhouetted as they fix cables on a power transmission line in Karachi, Pakistan. — Reuters/File 

  • KE says a 24/7 crisis monitoring cell has been established.
  • It is establishing camps to support commuters on the road.
  • Customers can also contact KE customer services portal.  

K-Electric (KE) strongly rejected news of unannounced load-shedding across the city as the country grapples with an unprecedented heatwave.

According to a statement issued by the power supply company, the current heatwave conditions have caused a significant spike in demand for electricity.

K-Electric Director Communications and Spokesperson Imran Rana said: "To ensure that customers remain fully abreast KE issued preemptive messages so that customers remain apprised of their potential load-shedding timings."

He further added: “The area-wise schedule for all potentially affected areas has been uploaded in advance on KE’s website. 

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"KE also reiterates that areas with losses under 20% along with 400 feeders serving Karachi’s industrial zones continue to receive uninterrupted power.”

The spokesperson further revealed that in order to manage the unusual situation in the city KE has established a 24/7 crisis monitoring cell which is actively monitoring the demand and supply situation and passing on instant relief to consumers.

“Additionally, the KE has engaged with civic agencies, and local and provincial stakeholders to mount a joint response to the ongoing crisis. Across different locations in the city, the KE is establishing camps with the support of philanthropic organisations to support commuters on the road during peak daytime hours," the statement read.

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Due to the current situation of a heatwave in the city, the spokesperson advised citizens to stay hydrated and avoid direct sunlight, and seek cool spaces where possible while the heatwave alert remains in place.

He further added that customers can contact KE by calling at the centre 118, using SMS Service 8119, KE Live App, social media platforms, and WhatsApp Self Service Portal as all these remain active 24/7 to answer customer queries.