The way you're crying shows establishment has blocked your number, Maryam Nawaz tells Imran Khan

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PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz speaking during a jalsa in Kotla, Gujrat, on May 15, 2022. — Screengrab via YouTube/ Samaa News Live
PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz speaking during a jalsa in Kotla, Gujrat, on May 15, 2022. — Screengrab via YouTube/ Samaa News Live

  • Maryam says "whenever Imran tries to call establishment, he gets the message that he does not have access to the facility".
  • Says Imran has "lost his game forever."
  • Says she has never seen anyone talking about dropping atom bomb on Pakistan.

KOTLA: PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Sunday took a jibe at PTI Chairman Imran Khan and said that the way he was "crying" shows that the "establishment has blocked [his] number."

Addressing a jalsa in Kotla, Gujrat, alongside Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz, Maryam said that the number that former prime minister is trying to dial has changed. 

"Whenever you try to call on that number, you get the message that you do not have access to this facility", she said.  

Maryam was referring to Khan's statement when he said that the establishment has been "sending him messages" but he has "blocked their numbers" because he "did not want to speak to anyone before the elections are called." 

Criticising the coalition government, Khan had also said that "it would have been better to drop an atom bomb on Pakistan than to have these people in power."

However, the PML-N vice president went on to say that whenever Khan would go to mingle with the masses, he would hear the message "wrong number", implying that people would ignore him.

"Imran Khan, you have lost the game forever. Your game has ended for good," she told the PTI chairman. 

Responding to Khan's demand for elections, Maryam said that the country will only go to the polls when PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif will greenlight it.

Maryam also censured Khan for using the atom bomb reference for Pakistan and said: "I have never seen anyone saying that Pakistan should be bombed. As long as Nawaz Sharif is alive, no one can harm the country."

Regarding the rising inflation ever since the new government came into power, Maryam also said that "this liar has crossed all the limits of dishonesty. Allah Almighty humiliated him and removed him from power."

"This inflation-monger Khan is saying today that inflation has gone up. In fact, when he says that inflation has increased, he is presenting a charge sheet against himself. When he says that the dollar has gone up, he presents a charge sheet against himself as [this is the doing of his government]", she said.

'People will bear witness you showed them false dreams': Hamza

Referring to Khan's claim that his life was in danger and that he has recorded a video to name the conspirators, Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz —  while addressing the rally — said that Imran Niazi is the name of that "coward who sometimes cries of a conspiracy and sometimes says that his life is in danger."

"Imran Niazi you are deceiving the people of Pakistan. These young people will bear witness that you showed them false dreams," he said. 

Hamza said that while Khan had claimed that he would rather die by suicide than go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he did not stand true to his words.

"You went to the IMF and never took your own life but the people of Pakistan died by suicide when they had to see their children hungry", he said.