Friday May 27 2022
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Queen’s ‘heartbreaking’ confession about royal duty revealed by biographer

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Queen Elizabeth once revealed how badly she wishes to live a ‘normal’ life and ‘mix’ with the British public in what her biographer says was a ‘heartbreaking’ confession about the pressures of being a monarch, reported Express UK.

Talking about the life of the 96-year-old monarch, who has served Britons for 70 years now, royal biographer Andrew Morton claimed in his book, Her Majesty, that the Queen had once admitted that she wished to "mix" with her people as part of her everyday life.

Commenting on the same on UK TV show Lorraine, Morton said: “She's lived with those four letters, duty, throughout her life.”

"She's also tried to make some sense of what she's had to do – the isolation and the loneliness of the job,” he added.

Morton then relayed: “She was once in discussion with Billy Graham, the famous America born-again preacher… They were looking out of Buckingham Palace and he said, 'wouldn't you like to mix with those people out there?' And she said 'with all my heart’.”

The biographer further added that Queen Elizabeth may be a ‘matriarch’ to the nation but she also has had to ‘distant’ with her people.

"She's a matriarch to the nation but she's also distant as well."