Tuesday Jun 07 2022
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In new trend, teenagers jump in front of trucks to 'challenge' Angel of Death

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The truck challenge is not new in Indonesia — Unsplash/Photogasan
The "truck challenge" is not new in Indonesia — Unsplash/Photogasan

In a new trend that has gone viral on TikTok and growing popular among Indonesian teenagers, individuals jump have started jumping in front of speeding trucks to challenge "Malakul Maut" or the "Angel of Death".

The performer is considered successful if the oncoming truck stops before hitting the person.

While performing the stunt, participants record themselves taking up the dangerous challenge. 

It has proved to be dangerous multiple times and is now fatal. 

An 18-year-old boy from Tangerang, Banten, was immediately killed after he jumped in front of a juggernaut with two of his friends, reported The Daily Star. 

While the friends were able to escape the heavy lorry, the boy was crushed to death.

In another such incident, a 14-year-old broke his teeth and fractured his skull after an HGV hit him and his friends.

Reportedly, the "truck challenge" is not new in the country. Many have been trying to create awareness and stop teenagers from taking up the stunt.