Friday Jul 01 2022
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WATCH: This pasta robot prepares meal in 45 seconds

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Worlds first automated pasta robot.—Pronto Corporation
World's first automated pasta robot.—Pronto Corporation

E Vino Spaghetti, a restaurant in a famous business district in Tokyo, is using the world's first-ever automated pasta robot, reported Japan Today.

TechMagic, which is a company that develops new food infrastructure using technology, has created P-Robo. P stands for Pronto, which is a prominent pasta chain.

Not only does the robot make pasta, it also washes the pans that it uses to cook. 

It works with a surprising speed and can cook up to 90 meals per hour. The robot can fix the issue of lack of human labour because increased labour costs are a big problem for the food industry.

P-Robo has a special deep frying pan where it uses high induction power to cook. Just the final touches are done by humans. 

The robot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognise pasta ingredients. There are eight kinds of pasta on the menu and the machine can cook all of them