Monday Aug 15 2022
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Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power creator shares ‘number one rule’ behind series adaptation

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Lord of the Rings' new adaptation The Rings of Power’s creator JA Bayona recently opened up about the “number one rule” they followed while making this new series.

Speaking to SFX magazine via Independent, the executive producer Bayona explained, “Tolkien wrote a story about hope, and a little guy succeeding.’

He continued, “We always felt that it was rule number one that there needed to be true optimism and love, even in the darkest, scariest moments of the show.”

Bayona further added, “When you read Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien’s books, you can tell how much he appreciates beauty, so the show is full of beauty.”

While appreciating author’s writing style, the series’ producer mentioned, “Tolkien is inherently optimistic, warm and emotional.”

This is a man who went through some of the darkest things in human history and he didn’t come out of that and write a despairing, awful story,” he remarked.

To note, The Rings of Power will premiere on September 2 on Prime Video.