Elon Musk's blunder: Billionaire accidentally shares PO box on Twitter

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Twitter screengrabs over Elon Musks photo. — Reuters
Twitter screengrabs over Elon Musk's photo. — Reuters

SpaceX chief and billionaire Elon Musk recently shared a letter that was sent to him by a Stanford lecturer.

The letter, which was sent on June 14, mentioned a research paper that the billionaire would have worked on if he had not put his studies on "permanent deferment".

"Nice letter from Bill Nix, who would've been my prof at Stanford if I hadn't put grad studies on (permanent) deferment," his post read.

However, while sharing the image of the letter, he forgot to hide his PO box number. Musk's fans and followers were quick to respond and the billionaire engaged with them too.

One fan warned him, saying: "don’t open anything yourself."

Musk admitted he might need a new PO box number.

"Ah now I know where to send my letter begging for money," another user said jokingly.

Another user claimed to be a neighbour.

Twitter was filled with jokes, responding more to Musk's blunder instead of the letter he posted.