Friday Sep 23 2022
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Kate Middleton to get ‘lion’s share’ of Queen’s jewellery collection

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Kate Middleton is likely to receive the ‘lion’s share’ of Queen Elizabeth II’s precious collection of clothes and jewellery.

Majesty Magazine’s Editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward said that it has been decided a long time ago who will have Queen’s items.

“I imagine Her late Majesty's personal jewellery will be given to various members of her family. The Princess of Wales as the future Queen receiving the lion's share,' she explained.

“There are pieces which will remain for use of the reigning monarch's wife - in this case Camilla. She will need a large collection to support her constitutional role,” the expert added.

Moreover, a royal expert Christine Ross told FEMAIL that items like the late monarch's wedding dress and coronation gown will be “preserved for historical purposes” and “be placed on display.”

“I would expect some of her iconic outfits, such as her Jubilee ensembles or the coats and hats worn to royal weddings, would certainly be preserved for historical purposes,” the expert continued.

“The Historic Royal Palaces collection preserves a number of Queen Victoria's and Princess Diana's clothes, and Queen Elizabeth's clothes hold as much historical importance and interest.

“I have no doubt that her wedding gown and coronation gown would be preserved by the Royal Collection Trust, and would be placed on display frequently,” the expert added.