Friday Oct 07 2022
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Prince Andrew’s secret plans to stage royal return exposed by Palace aides

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Prince Andrew was reportedly ready with plans to return to the royal family, complete with secret meetings with legal teams to aide him, before his plans were foiled by the shock death of his mother Queen Elizabeth.

In a new piece published earlier this week, Yahoo’s royal editor Omid Scobie cited several Palace sources as saying that the disgraced Duke of York was sure that he could return to the royal fold as long as he had the support of his mother, the late Queen.

In fact, sources revealed to Scobie that Prince Andrew had ‘series of meetings’ with lawyers to discuss ‘potential routes back into the public eye’.

Scobie quoted a source as saying: ““Not that he ever thought he would be a working royal again, but he did discuss creating duties of his own, through philanthropic efforts and being seen as the supportive son of the Queen”

“These would contribute to rehabilitating his image. Not as the Duke of York, but simply as a man who wanted to do good,” the insider further shared.

However, Prince Andrew’s plans were thwarted after Queen Elizabeth II passed away of old age at 96 on September 8, 2022, making his brother Charles the new King; King Charles III reportedly is not fond of his scandalous younger brother and wants a ‘slimmed’ version of the monarchy.