Saturday Oct 29 2022
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PTI leaders Hammad Azhar, Faisal Javed bicker over mic during long march

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  • Azhar and Javed haggle over mic with Khan watching drama ensue.
  • Former minister Azhar grabs the mic, after Javed's repeated refusal.
  • Azhar posts a selfie to shut gossipmongers about conflict in PTI.

FEROZEWALA: As the PTI's long march approached the end of its second day, party leaders Hammad Azhar and Faisal Javed were seen haggling over the mic in a video and the former snatching it toward the end.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan stood sandwiched between the two watching the drama ensue, as former minister Azhar asked Javed to hand over the microphone to him twice. 

The latter refused, gesturing no using his finger and continued to address marchers.

When Azhar asked Javed for the third time, he still refused. At this, Azhar grabbed the mic from him and began talking.

To shut down gossip about PTI leaders being at each other's throats amid the long march, Azhar took to his Twitter and shared a friendly selfie with Javed made earlier in the morning today.

"My relationship and friendship with Faisal is very old," Hammad tweeted to put a lid on rumour mills.

In his tweet, he added that they work for a vision.

"This morning before the march began, we were overseeing arrangements on the container. So we thought of making a selfie at this memorable occasion," he wrote in his tweet.

Earlier, PTI leaders and former minister Asad Umar, Azhar, and Murad Saeed were also seen involved in a heated discussion while they stood on the container and Khan watched them argue.