Saturday, November 05, 2022
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Airline removes six seats for tallest woman's first-ever flight

Rumeysa Gelgi is 7-feet tall and flying on planes is nearly impossible for her

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The worlds tallest womans first-ever flight.— Instagram
The world's tallest woman's first-ever flight.— Instagram

The world's tallest woman, Rumeysa Gelgi, finally got the chance to fly in a plane when an airline moved six economy seats solely for her to fit in.

Gelgi, whose name is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, is 7 feet tall and flying on planes is nearly impossible for her.

Turkish Airlines made room for the 25-year-old woman who took a 13-hour flight from Istanbul, Turkey to San Francisco in the United States.

Gelgi, who suffers from Weaver syndrome, usually travels in her wheelchair.

The Weaver syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes extremely rapid growth. 

Turkey's national carrier allowed Gelgi to take her first-ever flight by turning six seats into a stretcher.

The record-holder who has nearly 20,000 followers on social media shared about her trip, saying that her trip was a "flawless journey from start to finish".

"This was my first plane ride but it certainly won't be my last," she wrote, thanking every person who was part of her journey.

"A heartfelt thank you."

No one has been able to break Gelgi's record since 2014 when she got the title of the tallest living teenager. In 2021, she was recognized as the tallest woman on the planet. 

She works in the software industry and is visiting the US to advance in her career and also collaborate with the Guinness World Records.

Apart from the records mentioned, she also has her name in the books for having the longest finger in females, the largest hands (living female), and the longest back in a living woman.