Sunday, December 04, 2022
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'Nurtured in Hollywood Meghan imposing her narrative on Harry'

Meghan and harry accused of buying into Hollywood narrative

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Nurtured in Hollywood Meghan imposing her narrative on Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are putting all their reputation as royals on risk  and facing huge backlash for their latest moves.

Royal biographer Tom Bower showed no mercy on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as he accused them of of buying into 'Hollywood narrative'.

The author took a savage swipe at Meghan as he wrote in The Sun: “Nurtured in Hollywood, she has imposed her 'narrative' on Harry. A compliant husband.”

He went on exposing the couple as he questioned why Harry and Meghan's calls for privacy when they left the UK have been apparently contradicted with their upcoming fly-on-the-wall Netflix series. The veteran author states the couple, who left Britain in 2020, "loudly claimed" the move was to "protect their privacy".

He slammed the Sussexes for their new Netflix documentary, Spotify deals and magazine interviews, saying: "Harry and Meghan have sold their souls with breathless vulgarity.

“There’s even the shot of Meghan allegedly brushing away a tear at the Queen’s funeral. Cynics at the time surmised that the gesture, in fact, was a jobbing actress’s affectation.”