Fact-check: No, Lahore police has not arrested men for selling frog meat

Lahore police and food authority confirm no such arrests have been made or frog meat recovered

Geo Fact-Check

The police in Lahore have arrested two men, who were selling the meat of frogs to eateries in the city, according to online posts.

The allegation is false.


On December 10, a Twitter user shared an image of skinned frogs, with the caption that the Lahore police had arrested two criminals and seized 200 kg of frog meat from them to be supplied to hotels.

The tweet has received over 40 retweets and 194 likes to date.

On December 16, another Twitter user also wrote that the Lahore police had arrested two people.

“Healthy frogs are found in large numbers near the Ravi river,” he tweeted, “Wherever chicken kebabs are sold, this [frog] meat is mixed with chicken and used. High quality chicken nuggets, burger patties etc. are also made with the help of this meat.”


The two officials Geo Fact Check spoke to confirmed that no such arrests have been made and neither has frog meat been recovered.

Umair Hassan, the director of public relations at the government-run Punjab Food Authority, told Geo Fact Check that no one from their team had caught any such person.

“This is not even in our knowledge,” he added. “No such thing has been conducted by the food authority.”

Mubashar Hussain, the public relations officer of Lahore Police, said that the claims being shared on Twitter were “fake”.

“There is no such news,” he added.

As for the image being shared in the tweets allegedly of frog meat, Geo Fact Check did an advance search for the image. The picture was taken by photographer Douglas Peebles on October 5, 2016 and is from the Sa Dec Market, Mekong River in Vietnam. It is not from Pakistan.

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