Madonna wanted her biopic to be ‘grittier’ which led to fall-out with Universal Studios

Madonna's upcoming biopic, set to star Julia Garner, scrapped as popstar wants to focus on upcoming tour, source

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Madonna wanted to make her biopic “grittier” while Universal Studios had something “pop and light” in mind for the film which led to their fall-out.

Several sources have revealed that one of the reasons the biopic, set to star Julia Garner, was scrapped was due to issues with the script.

The Queen of Pop announced a film made on her life in 2020 but a few days ago it was revealed that the production company is not moving ahead with it as Madonna wants to focus on her upcoming tour.

A friend of the popstar told Page Six that she will “someday make a film about her life,” but “this tour is the creative and professional focus for M right now.”

The pal went on to reveal that the Madonna had issues with Universal over the script. “Basically, they don’t like it,” the source said.

“They want it to be pop and light. Madonna wants something much grittier, and it’s come to a stalemate,” the insider added. “She’d rather go to another studio than change the script.

“She still wants to make the film, but will now look at it again after the tour,” said the insider. “She’s keeping the same writers, but is aware that she might have to recast if the actors aren’t available.”

Another insider told The Sun that the popstar’s biopic already raised concerns when the casting for the film had started but the script was not completed.

"When the casting process started in early 2021, there was no finished script and, quite frankly, that was the first major red flag to the whole community,” the insider said.

“Through the whole casting process, which lasted forever, Madonna and the bosses at Universal kept going back and forth on the script,” the source added.

“And it's why Julia Garner ultimately never signed a deal even after she won the role,” the insider revealed.