F-9 park 'rapists' killed in fake police encounter, alleges victim’s counsel

Rights activist says Islamabad rape suspects were habitual criminals and committed crimes 50 times in three years

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Suspects of F-9 park rape case entering the premises of the park. — Screengrab/Islamabad Police video
Suspects of F-9 park rape case entering the premises of the park. — Screengrab/Islamabad Police video

  • Rights activist says Islamabad rape suspects were habitual criminals.
  • Police arrested and shot them dead under mysterious circumstances.
  • “Why were they killed extrajudicially?” Imaan Mazari asks.

ISLAMABAD: The counsel of F-9 park Islamabad’s rape victim has alleged that the suspects were killed in a fake police encounter and demanded answers from the capital police chief.

In a gruesome incident that took place earlier this month, two armed men raped a girl in the park at gunpoint in an unlit area, sending shockwaves across the country.

They were, however, later arrested by the police and shot dead under mysterious circumstances.

While speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, flanked by human rights activist Farzana Bari, advocate Imaan Mazari raised questions over the performance and handling of the case by the police.

According to a police statement, the two men, allegedly involved in the Fatima Jinnah (F-9) park gang-rape incident, were shot dead at a police picket near Sector D-12 after an exchange of gunfire.

“When they were signalled to stop, they attempted to speed away. On being intercepted by the police, the bike riders opened fire at the cops deployed at the post. Luckily, the policemen escaped narrowly,” the police said and added that the firing was retaliated.

The police version was countered today by civil society members and the counsel who said that the suspects were already in police custody and the victim had confirmed their identity.

Mazari lamented that the victim’s identity was also revealed which, she said, is a crime in Pakistani laws.

While sharing the details, the lawyer said that the unfortunate incident occurred on February 2 while the suspects were arrested on February 15.

“The girl informed at 4:30pm that she has been called by police for the identification of suspects. I went to the police station and registered my entry.”

Mazari added that she messaged SSP Maria to carry out the DNA test as you have the custody of suspects. “I called the police official several times but she did not give me time to meet.”

Highlighting the mishandling of the case, Mazari noted that police reached the crime scene but did not shut the park’s gates.

“Why were they killed extrajudicially?” she asked, adding that had they been trialled, more details could have come forth.

“Police have made up a fake encounter story,” she alleged and demanded the Islamabad IG to answer as this had happened under his watch.

Condemning the extrajudicial killing, Mazari said both suspects were present in the CIA police station.

’50 rapes in three years’

Meanwhile, rights activist Farazana Bari said that both men had confessed to their crimes during the investigation.

“They committed rape 50 times in three years in Islamabad,” Bari said.

Bari regretted the extrajudicial killing and said that this has become a culture in Pakistan.

She demanded a judicial probe of this incident and urged the authorities to hold a departmental inquiry into the leakage of the first information report (FIR).