Variations in weather may give rise to certain infections, health experts warn

Muhammad Qasim
A relative cares for women at CMH hospital in Sialkot, Pakistan. — Reuters/File
A relative cares for women at CMH hospital in Sialkot, Pakistan. — Reuters/File

RAWALPINDI: A considerable variation in temperatures particularly between night and day after the arrival of the spring season in Rawalpindi region is being observed which many health experts say, may give rise to certain infections and pose mild to serious health threats to chronic patients, The News reported on Tuesday.

The days have started getting warmer however, the temperatures fall to a significant degree during the night. 

The majority of people do not take this variation as a serious phenomenon. It is one of the major causes of the rising of certain infections and complications among chronic patients.

Both public and private healthcare facilities have already started receiving a significant number of infected patients including sore throat and other respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. 

A number of patients with complications involving blood pressure are also being reported at healthcare facilities.

According to the experts, the number of patients with gastroenteritis would be on the rise in the next few weeks if sufficient awareness is not created among the public at the time. 

It is important that every year, the trend of infections shifts from respiratory tract infections to gastrointestinal problems along with water and food-borne infections before the advent of summer.

As the day is getting warmer and it may help grow bacteria faster, according to health experts, people should start refrigerating leftover food properly, particularly in the daytime. 

The intermittent spells of heat along with repeated falls in temperature increase the chances of incidence of seasonal infections particularly related to chest and throat.

There is a change in weather conditions in the region and it is time for most of the chronic patients including those suffering from diabetes, cardiac problems and hypertension to bring a change in routine along with medication for that matter, they should visit their physicians to seek advice.

Health experts say that chronic patients should use warm clothing at the time of evening and night as the fall in temperature at night may cause problems for them.

Health experts suggest that in the existing weather conditions, people should consume boiled water and hygienic food to avoid diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal infections. Health experts also suggest that those who are suffering from any kind of pollen or weed allergy should avoid dust and avoid using cold water to avoid complications.