King Charles in for ‘pretty bad news’ post Coronation

Royal experts have issued a dire warning to King Charles, post Coronation

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Experts warn King Charles should ‘expect for the worst’ to happen before things even ‘think of getting better’.

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser issued these claims and accusations.

She wonders, “What seems possible today is that things may well get a lot worse for Charles before they start to get better."

"If he had hoped to be able to enjoy the months between now and his summer holidays basking in the room temperate glow of his post-coronation honeymoon then I have some very bad news.”

“Should the Balmoral housekeeper be quietly stocking up on all the Stoli, Quality Street and Scotch eggs that a certain King might soon want to sulkily comfort eat in his pyjamas? I’d say that’s the smart bet.”