Kate Middleton’s video harbors pure ‘Netflix-style narcissism’

Prince William’s is standing accused of creating an entire video that’s just ‘Netflix-style narcissism’

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Prince William has been accused of ‘planning’ King Charles’ downfall with his ‘Netflix-style narcissism’ in the royal video.

Royal commentator and expert Sarah Vine brought these allegations and revelations to light.

She started everything off by saying, “We all know that William and Kate are the future. Nobody doubts that. Charles is an old king, coming to the throne in his twilight years.”

“Nevertheless, this was his and Queen Camilla's moment, not theirs. By starring in a video produced by a man who boasts about having 'a portfolio of world-leading clients' and creating 'story-led branded content', it feels… well, a bit 'look at me'.”

:There is an element of Netflix-style narcissism that makes me slightly uneasy. And though the footage shows us a lot, it actually tells us very little about the Waleses.”