Cardi B tells off ‘haters’ – threatens with ‘receipts’ after Kanye West row

Cardi B's new rant is a stern message to haters to 'leave her alone'

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Cardi B has issued a stern message to her "haters" in the aftermath of Kanye West referring to her as an "Illuminati plant."

In an Instagram live session, the WAP rapper urged people to leave her alone and let her focus on her music. She also hinted at having evidence ("receipts") that could stir up controversy on the internet.

In the video message, the singer began by warning her haters to leave her alone "because I come with receipts." She went as far to say that she would leave the internet in "shambles."

She continued: "It will be crazy, so let me keep it cute. I have matured, keep me there.

"And I won't just say it out my mouth, I literally got real receipts with dates.

"So leave me alone, because y'all not gonna be ready for that.

While it’s not clear who the rant is directed at, and people think that Kanye is the most probable target, it seems to be directed at more than one person.

"Let me mind my business, let me keep working, let me be a mom, let me keep putting music out. Don't try to bring Belcalis [Cardi B's real name] out," she added.

"Love Cardi B, don't bring Belcalis. Leave me there, ok?"

Cardi B, who is 30 years old, had previously responded to West's accusations of her being an "Illuminati plant" in an unreleased 2018 documentary. 

In her response, she shared West's own words from 2022 when he had expressed his belief in her, stating, "I always believed in her."