Kanye West accused of drawing 'Swastika', praising Hitler in Adidas meeting

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Kanye West accused of drawing 'Swastika', praising Hitler in Adidas meeting

Kanye West, an acclaimed rapper has become a controversial figure for the past few years due to his anti-semitic remarks and open praise for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who led the Holocaust against Jews.

A new report has revealed the inside details of the anti-Semitic activities of the Chicago rapper's meetings with the sports brand Adidas.

According to The Blast, a New York Times report claims that the singer drew a swastika (a symbol used by Germany's Nazi party) on a shoe during his first meeting with the brands.

The report suggests that Kanye, who has officially changed his name to Ye, didn't like the employees' designs, adding, "To convey how offensive he considered the designs, he grabbed a sketch of a shoe and took a marker to the toe. Then he drew a swastika."

The scathing report claims that an insider revealed to the publication that the rapper went as far as advising a Jewish manager of the sports brand to kiss the picture of Adolf Hitler every day. 

The report suggests that Kanye is also a fan of Hitler's propaganda as he repeatedly told the Adidas employees that Hitler had mastered the art of propaganda and often expressed his admiration by declaring the Nazi leader a master marketer.

Adidas and Kanye remained partners for 10 years before the sports brand eventually decided to cut off all ties with the rapper following severe backlash after the rapper's anti-Semitic remarks.

Adidas used a morals clause to cut all ties with the rapper which they claim had cost them a billion dollars in revenue.