Prince Harry branded a ‘whiner’ of epic proportions

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Prince Harry branded a ‘whiner’ of epic proportions
Prince Harry branded a ‘whiner’ of epic proportions

The Duke of Sussex has just been called out for constantly whining about his treatment.

Columnist Richard Johnson issued all these claims and sentiments.

The conversation occurred during his most recent piece for the New York Daily News.

In this piece Mr Jonson wrote, “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s friends in London are whispering that the former royals have been complaining they were snubbed and mistreated at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.”

“They both whined that the family wasn’t as welcoming as they should have been.”

For those unversed, this comes almost a year after Mr Johnson revealed that Prince Harry intends on including “the palace intrigue around their trip to England for the funeral of his grandmother.”

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At the time he also said, “Insiders say that Penguin Random House paid more than $15million for his story and they want it to contain scandalous, headline-grabbing news.”

Even a press released went up before the release of Spare and according to Express UK, it read, “Members of the Royal Family hope that Harry will not attack his family as insensitive racists the way Meghan did during the Oprah interview.”