Victoria Bekham showcases 'resilience' and 'strength' in heart-melting post

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Photo Victoria Beckham with daughter Harper Beckham
Photo Victoria Beckham with daughter Harper Beckham

While marking 'Anti Bullying Week' of 2023, Victoria Beckham has finally spoken up about the things she had to face during her childhood days.

Taking to her official Instagram handle, the legendary fashion designer raised her voice up against the cruelty of this world in a heartbreaking post.

Doing so, the founder of Victoria Beckham Beauty revealed that growing up she had to endure bullying from other kids alot. 

The wife of David Beckham also lauded her daughter Harper Beckham for the ‘strong’ and ‘caring’ woman she has proved to be, so far.

She further encouraged Harper to never leave the weak ones behind and always raise her voice against any form of mistreatment she may encounter. 

The proud mother of Harper Beckham captioned the profound post by saying, "I’m so proud to raise a strong and caring daughter! Growing up I was bullied a lot at school, and I often tell Harper how important it is to be kind and call out if anyone is ever being bullied – especially if there’s ever another little girl on her own in the playground, because that was once her mummy! This #AntiBullyingWeek it’s so important to not be silent if someone is alone or being bullied. (purple hearts) xx Kisses #HarperSeven I love you so much xx."

It is pertinent to mention here that a few days ahead of the Anti Bullying Week, Victoria opened up to the Anti-Bullying Alliance about her negative experiences as a child.

She then admitted the pain it brought her, reported Hello magazine.

"That hurts," exclaimed Victoria at the time.