Robert Miller: Canada's 'Jeffrey Epstein' raped virgins for $20 Barbies, victims say

Billionaire businessman Robert Miller,80, allegedly enticed and coerced minor girls into sexual abuse using drugs and alcohol

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Robert Miller, Canadas  Jeffrey Epstein. — X/@asbed
Robert Miller, Canada's  Jeffrey Epstein. — X/@asbed

Robert Miller, an 80-year-old billionaire businessman, is being referred to as Canada's Jeffrey Epstein due to allegations in a class action lawsuit that he paid minor girls as young as 11 to have sex with him. 

Before resigning as president and CEO in February 2023, Miller informed staff members of Defendant Future Electronics that he "adamantly and vehemently denies the malicious allegations made against him and confirms that they are false."

The alleged sex crimes happened in the early 2000s and 1990s.

According to the victims, the millionaire enticed and coerced them into sexual abuse using drugs and alcohol.

His victims were destitute and defenceless.

One victim, known as Madame 7 in the class action lawsuit, said she was tricked into the harrowing meeting with Miller in an exclusive interview with The Sun (US).

To conceal their identities, each of the ladies cited in the case is referred to as Madame and given a matching number.

"I tried to forget and bury this traumatic experience as deep as possible inside me," Madame 7 shared.

"I am very sad that I found myself in this situation when I was young, vulnerable, and in need. I have a hard time forgiving myself. I live in shame and regret. I suffer a lot," she added.

"He learned about my dreams and aspirations to better manipulate me and convince me that he would take care of me, that he would pay for my studies, etc. Since I was living in poverty, I believed his false promises and returned," she continued.

When the lady first encountered Miller at the age of 15, she had been the victim of both physical and sexual abuse as a girl child and was trying to find work to support herself.

"He was tall and imposing and his ritual was to make me consume alcohol to make me dizzy in order to then abuse me."

"He thought he was a guru, but his only goal was to satisfy his sexual urges. It was disgusting," she said.

"Nothing can ever erase this passage from my life, but I hope that justice will be done so that I can finally turn the page on this horrible chapter of my life and teach a lesson to these rich and powerful men who destroy lives while thinking everything permit," the woman shared.

A second lady referred to in the lawsuit as Madame 46, told The US Sun that Miller first abused her when she was twelve years old.

At the time, he was in his early 30s.

"He preferred virgins. Younger girls. He preferred innocence," the woman said.

"It was almost like a trophy for him to take these young girl's virginity," she added.

"It's like you can't understand how it's possible that a man like this is capable of doing the things that he's done. He was a chameleon," she said.

"I was never exposed to anything like that. I remember crying, because I was so confused as to what was happening," she said.

"He kept on telling me it's ok this is normal, and kept saying it's our little secret," Madame 46 said.

Miller allegedly handed the 12-year-old $20 once the performance was over and instructed her to go purchase something pleasant.

"He said go get a Barbie or something," the woman said.

Madame 46 kept the event from her parents a secret.

"I was humiliated. I felt dirty," she said emotionally.

The sexual exploitation, rape and abuse became into a regular event.