Jamie Lynn takes advantage of show after spilling Britney Spears' relationship status

Jamie Lynn Spears quit 'I'm A Celebrity' reality show after spending 11 days in the jungle

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After Jamie Lynn Spears quit I'm A Celebrity, reports suggest that she will still be getting her fees in full.

The 32-year-old TV personality will be receiving a whopping amount of £250,000 after she left on her 11th day in the jungle, citing health issues.

According to the reality show's rules, any celebrity participating will receive their full fee if they've spent at least 72 hours in the camp.

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The rule was highlighted after Gemma Collins quit the series’ 2014 installation in just three days.

Back then, she revealed the production didn’t pay her in full and ended up donating the money she made to a charity. Her spokesperson stated: “I can confirm that the £4,800 fee was the full and final fee that Gemma received for her participation in I'm A Celebrity.”

Moreover, rumors claim that Jamie had been talking to the producers about quitting the show for days as viewers claim they saw her crying several times in the jungle because she insisted that she’s missing her daughters Maddie (aged 15) and Ivey (aged 5).

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As for the ratings, the audience liked Jamie when she won their hearts with her performance in the Climb of Cruelty and Scarena Series tasks.