Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kevin Hart put comedy to use when he sold shoes

Kevin Hart shares he uses comedic art while working as a salesman at a shoe store

Kevin Hart put comedy to use when he sold shoes

Comedy is not a piece of cake, as the leading comedian Kevin Hart shared his expertise on the subject in the MasterClass, remembering his humble beginning when he used his good humour to double up sales in a shoe store.

"When it came to selling the shoe, the idea of adding humor to my portfolio was immediate," he shared.

"Don't you run me up and down these damn steps and have me get all these sneakers," the Jumanji star referred to typical shoe salesman legwork.

He continued, "So instead of just doing that, I would tell people: 'Now you know this is my fifth time being up these steps."

Adding, "You're gonna walk out of here with a pair of sneakers, cause look at my knees. My knees are shaking,' and we would laugh, it would be fun. I found a lighthearted approach to the world of customer service. And it worked."

Known for his superb comic timing, Kevin opened up about his approach to comedy.

"I prefer storytelling. I prefer implementing joke-like structure in stories," the 44-year-old described. "The reason why is because stories — they gotta come from a real place."