Prince Archie to pay high price amid ongoing ‘Endgame’ controversy

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle warned their son Prince Archie will pay the price of their rift with Royal family

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Prince Archie to pay high price amid ongoing ‘Endgame’ controversy
Prince Archie to pay high price amid ongoing ‘Endgame’ controversy

Prince Archie may soon confront the dire consequences stemming from his parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s rift with the Royal family, especially after Omid Scobie’s book Endgame’s release.

The royal feud will have “devastating impact” on the little connection Archie and his sister, Princess Lilibet, have left with King Charles and their uncle, Prince William.

Writing for, royal expert Daniela Elser emphasized on the potential harshness Archie may experience while reading about the “concerns and conversations” that some members of the royal family had regarding him.

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The topic was revisited in Scobie’s book when he expanded on Meghan Markle’s claims that two royal family members had concerns about Acrhie’s skin colour before his birth.

Elser said the remarks could harm prompting her to write, “You know that phrase that gets thrown around by conservative politicians and pundits – ‘won’t someone think of the children’?”

“Well as this imbroglio overtakes the Palace and the House of Montecito, won’t someone think of the prince and princess?

“November marked four years since a baby Archie flew the ten hours from the UK to Vancouver Island with his parents where they all shacked up in the first mega-mansion in a series of North American mega-mansions befitting an unusually flush Real Housewife that they have called home.

She continued, “Since then, the now four and a half-year-old has spent a grand total of four days back in the UK, which also happens to be the entire amount of time that his sister has spent back in their father’s homeland. (Consider: Lilibet is a princess of the United Kingdom but has never even spent a full-week on British soil.)”