Willis Gibson, 13, becomes first human to beat Nintendo's Tetris game 34 years after release

US teenager Willis Gibson hit level 157 of Tetris before its crash was captured on camera

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Willis Gibson breaks record on Tetris video game. — X/@agamescout
Willis Gibson breaks record on Tetris video game. — X/@agamescout

Willis Gibson, a teenager from Oklahoma, has become the first human player to beat Tetris, a renowned video game from Nintendo, thirty-four years after its release.

The moment Willis Gibson hit level 157 and the game crashed was captured on camera, which he uploaded to his YouTube account.

Tumbling back into his chair, the 13-year-old exclaimed: "I'm going to pass out, I can't feel my fingers."

Thor Aackerlund, a professional competitive gamer, used a method known as hypertapping in 2010 to advance to level 30, which involves vibrating the controller at a speed faster than the game allows.

As a result, additional players started using hypertapping and other strategies to test their mettle. However, as of last month, only artificial intelligence (AI) had managed to reach the game's actual kill screen.

When a player completes a level that results in the game crashing, they get a kill screen.

When Willis completes his 38-minute run, the screen collapses and the blocks stop falling as he wins the game.

The adolescent, known on YouTube as Blue Scuti, has been playing the game since he was eleven years old and has participated in several gaming competitions.