Prince Harry to become interim King in Charles, William and Kate's absence?

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Prince Harry to become interim King in Charles, William and Kate’s absence?
Prince Harry to become interim King in Charles, William and Kate’s absence?

As Kate Middleton and King Charles undergo surgeries and Prince William taking care of the couple’s three kids, concerns have raised over who would be the “interim King.”

Kensington Palace revealed that Kate, the Princess of Wales, has been admitted in a hospital as she recovers from a “planned abdominal surgery.” Prince William is taking care of their kids, an insider shared.

Hours later, it was announced that King Charles will also undergo a "corrective procedure,” after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

Discussing the matter on his show Uncensored with TalkTV's royal editor Sarah Hewson, he raised the question if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would step in.

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He asked, "Where does this leave us if King Charles is unconscious and William is looking after his kids do we start heading down the list of people if there is some duty the monarch has to perform?

"What actually happens here? We're kind of in uncharted territory,” the TV show host added.

To his, Sarah said there is a procedure in place "should a monarch be incapacitated due to ill health and for a short period.”

"If the King does have to go under a general anaesthetic and is unconscious then the Councellors of State will be called upon should they be needed.

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"The list of the councellors is the monarch's spouse, so Camilla, and the next four in line to the throne,” she said, adding that the does "throw up a few problems.”

"We know the Prince of Wales is looking after his wife and children," Sarah shared. "Then it's Prince Harry who is in California. Next on the list the Duke of York"

Piers was surprised to know that Harry may be asked to step in, as he said, "Oh my God... He [Harry] won't be interim King will he? With Queen Meghan?"

However, Sarah assured him that it won’t happen, saying, "No he won't” as "the king will only be out of action for a short period of time."