Blood type B personality, traits & Everything to know

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Blood type B personality, traits & Everything to know
Blood type B personality, traits & Everything to know

Some cultures and traditions focus on a person’s astrological chart to assess their personality, and it is mainly prevalent in the Eastern side of the world.

However, in the same sphere, there are a few countries like Japan and South Korea where a person’s blood type is said to carry more weight than their astrological inclinations.

Blood Type and Personality:

The idea of giving personality traits to a person’s blood type was first coined by a Japanese professor named Tokeji Furukawa.

He even went as far as to publish a paper that spoke of blood types in the 1930s.

What Traits Do Blood Type B Have:

Type B’s are known for being shy, stubborn, tense, reliable, kind, responsible, anxious, composed, and reserved.

Their very best traits are also that they are loyal, perfectionists, organized, and even consistent.

However, some bad aspects of their personality include being obsessive, overly sensitive pessimistic easily stressed, and fastidious.

They are also prone to hiding their true emotions unless they become comfortable with the close group of friends they collect.

Blood Type In Western Medicine:

Blood types in its essence are the presence and absence of antigens that make blood compatible or incompatible with another human.

The main distinguishing factor is called the Rh factor (Rhesus) which is an inherited bit of protein present on the surface of red blood cells. If a person’s body possesses the factor then they have a positive type, and inversely have a negative type.

What are the 4 main blood types?

There are four main blood types and they include; A, B, AB, and O. They are also further divided into A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-.

How to know my blood type?

The only way to confirm blood type is by taking a test which is usually performed inside a hospital or clinic. Many people usually spend their entire lives not knowing about their blood type and tend to find out only in times of emergency or crisis.