10 beneficial reasons to eat alot yogurt during the winter months

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10 reasons why you must consume Yogurt during winters
10 reasons why you must consume Yogurt during winters 

Yogurt, a rich blend of calcium, protein, and probiotics, serves as a nutritional powerhouse for our bodies especially during the winter season. 

This is because as a fermented diary product amalgamated with live bacteria culture, it plays a crucial role in supporting our bodies. 

It is not just essential for an overall balanced diet but also plays a vital role in supporting our immune system by boosting production of antibodies.

This dairy product, which contains important microorganisms, aid in digestion and in maintaining gut health. 

During the winters when our bodies become more susceptible to cold and flu, yogurt becomes a beneficial addition in our diet by boosting our immune health.

Apart from boosting our immune system and supporting digestive health, it strengthens our bones as it is rich in calcium. 

During winters, due to reduced sunlight in winters, our bodies are not able to absorb as much Vitamin D as needed, which helps in calcium abortion. So Yogurt comes in handy for fulfilling our daily calcium intake.

It also supports weight management by reducing our temptation to snack while also improving our mood and overall physical and mental health.

Yogurt also gives our body amino acids which are essential in production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences mood.

Some other health benefits of consuming yogurt includes the provision of energy, enhancing skin health, regulating blood pressure, supporting healthy metabolism, and reducing the risk of winter infections.