Top 10 interesting facts & benefits of papaya

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More than a fruit: Here are 10 interesting facts about papaya
More than a fruit: Here are 10 interesting facts about papaya

Previously known to be an exotic fruit, papayas are originally from Central America where indigenous people consumed them for medicinal purposes.

Not only is it sweet and soft in texture, but papaya is extremely beneficial for health as its antioxidants and nutrients reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, indigestion, and much more.

While people are aware of its pros in the health industry, they are not familiar with some of its interesting facts.

10 Fun Facts about Papaya:

1. Papayas were nicknamed "tree melons" by ancient European explorers, but originally it is considered to be a berry.

2. An enzyme named Papain is extracted from papayas which is known to be an excellent meat tenderizer and is used in the manufacture of chewing gums.

3. Christopher Columbus nicknamed papayas as the “Fruit of the Angels.”

5. Papaya seeds taste like black pepper and are a common substitute for black peppercorns in many countries.

6. Even a small papaya contains 300% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

7. The month of September is observed to be the National Papaya Month.

8. The cosmetics industry uses papaya as an important ingredient to manufacture shampoos and conditioners.

9. There are 2 types of papayas i.e. Mexican and Hawaiian.

10. A papaya plant has a lifespan of over 20 years.