Adele reveals 'intense' preparations ahead Munich tour

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Adele reveals intense preparations ahead Munich tour
Adele reveals 'intense' preparations ahead Munich tour

Adele recently disclosed that in order to get ready for her tour in Germany, she is "working out like an athlete."

The inside scoop comes after the 35 year-old singer shared that she will be taking to the Open Air Arena, Messe München stage for four shows in August under two weeks.

Later, she added extra dates to her exclusive shows due to "phenomenal demand."

The Hello crooner revealed that she now trains “as much as three times a day.”

“The reason that I am working out like I'm an athlete again is because those shows that I announced in Germany, that stage is f***ing enormous. I'm probably going to walk about eight miles a night, so I need my cardio and my stamina to be up,” she told Daily Mail.

Adele, who lost 100 pounds after modifying her exercise routine, hinted that she would even follow in Beyoncé's footsteps who sang while running across a park in high heels.

“I have upped my cardio game at the gym. And I might start doing what Beyoncé had to do when she was a teenager. They used to make her run around a park or a treadmill with high heels singing,” she added.