Donald Trump wins Nevada, Virgin Islands caucuses to come closer to White House

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Former president Donald Trump smiling. — AFP/File
 Former president Donald Trump smiling. — AFP/File 

A major victory for Trump fans after former president Donald Trump wins two caucuses in a single day.

The former president gained victory against former United Nations (UN) ambassador Nikki Haley in the Virgin Islands caucus and also won the Nevada caucus, which Haley had opted out of, BBC reported.

In the Nevada caucus, Trump was up against pastor and businessman Ryan Binkley, who only gained 381 votes as compared to Trump's 48,400 votes.

The caucuses win on Thursday is his third and fourth victory after winning in two crucial early primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump's only opponent remaining in the Republican race for office, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, opted not to take part in the Nevada caucus and instead chose to participate in the Nevada primary, which was held on Tuesday.

Haley suffered an embarrassing defeat in the primary after people voted "none of the candidates." 63% of the people who voted cast their ballots against Haley.

Briefly addressing a victory party in Las Vegas, Donald Trump said, "If we win this state, we easily win the election in November."

Although the result of the Nevada caucus was a foregone conclusion, the state will be hotly contested in the November presidential election. The vote is effectively guaranteed to be a rematch between 2020 candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Trump and Haley will next go head-to-head in the state of South Carolina.

Despite three defeats, she has vowed to fight on, arguing that Republican supporters want to see an alternative to Donald Trump and that "voters want an election, not a coronation."