Saturday, February 10, 2024

Prince Harry is seeing the door open ‘ever so slightly' with Prince William

Experts believe Prince Harry is on the road to recovering his relationship with Prince William

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Prince Harry’s chances of finally making it good with Prince William has just been referenced by experts.

Insights into the future of Prince Harry’s relationship with Prince William has been shared by royal commentator Maureen Callahan.

She touched on everything in her piece for the Daily Mail.

In it she referenced King Charles’ cancer diagnosis and proposed the possibility of some ‘realigned’ priorities and said, “Charles may in fact wish for a reconciliation. Getting diagnosed with cancer, no matter how early it’s caught or how treatable it is, tends to realign one’s priorities and perspectives.”

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“To that point, it seems we can be reassured that Charles’s prognosis is, as reported, excellent,” Ms Callahan also added.

“Otherwise, we’d likely see more urgency here, not just between Charles and Harry, but between Harry and William, too.”

With that in mind, it’s possible that “for a brief moment on Monday, it did seem as if the door had been opened ever so slightly — that a repentant Harry, shaken by this sad news, would have a newfound clarity.”

Not to mention “perhaps William, despite the myriad insults to Kate — despite implying in ‘Spare’ that the future king had married not for love but for duty — would want some kind of relationship with his brother.”

So “It seems, on that fraternal front at least, that all is lost,” she added before signing off.