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The Beatles and Muhammad Ali 'tense relationship' comes to light

A photographer sheds light on The Beatles' views about Muhammad Ali

The Beatles and Muhammad Ali tense relationship comes to light
The Beatles and Muhammad Ali 'tense relationship' comes to light

Two titans of pop culture, The Beatles and Muhammad Ali, seemingly were not on good talking terms after all.

Veteran photographer Harry Benson shed light on their uneasy relationship, alleging the legendary fighter made them look inferior.

It comes after the British band met the boxer in the US during their first  tour in the country in 1964.

At the outset of his 60th anniversary of the famous photograph, the 94-year-old revealed he took the Fab Four to meet Ali in Miami on Feb. 8, 1964, believing these superstar snaps would make a splash at the time.

However, something else does happen. 

He told Page Six, "Ali dwarfed them. Just the repartee of Ali: 'You think you're good-looking? You're not that good-looking — you're tiny, small, little men. Look at me!' They didn't like it — Lennon and Paul McCartney in particular."

He continued, "He didn't particularly like their singing and told them that . . . Afterward, John said to me, 'He made us look really **** stupid, and it's your fault, Benson."

Surprisingly, the band did not talk to the late celebrity for three months.