Easy ways to prevent hair loss & combat its causes

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Easy ways to prevent hair loss & combat its causes
Easy ways to prevent hair loss & combat its causes

It’s normal to lose 50 -100 hairs a day because with 100,000 hairs on your head, the loss isn't noticeable.

However, hair loss can develop gradually over years or happen abruptly due to many underlying causes which may be temporary or permanent.

What causes hair loss?

1. Genetics:

The largest factor influencing whether or not hair loss is prevalent for you is family history.

It explains patterned baldness in both males and females and tends to occur gradually with predictable patterns like baldness which usually starts at the front of your hairline.

2. Hormonal changes:

Temporary as well as permanent hair loss can result from hormonal changes in both men and women.

This particularly applies to people who are going through menopause.

Known as androgenetic alopecia, this kind of hair loss frequently mimics male-patterned baldness, which starts at the top of the head.

Easy ways to prevent hair loss & combat its causes

3. Alopecia:

The immune system targets the hair follicles in alopecia patients, resulting in hair loss that can happen anywhere on the body.

Iron shortage and stress are also possible triggers, however, clinical experts are yet to confirm this.the condition's triggers.

4. Nutritional deficiencies:

Sudden hair loss may be the result of inadequate intake of certain nutrients like iron and protein.

How to avoid hair loss?

1. Medicines:

Finasteride and minoxidil are the two clinically approved drugs for preventing hair loss.

Both treatments may result in hair regrowth but also include the risk of side-effects so it's suggested to take your doctor’s advice.

2. Use laser comb:

Laser combs are the only FDA-approved treatment for hair loss other than finasteride and minoxidil.

Although the precise mechanism of the combs' operation is unknown, low-power lasers may have an antioxidant effect on hair follicles.

Easy ways to prevent hair loss & combat its causes

3. Change your hair products:

Numerous gels and other styling treatments are linked to hair loss.

Try using more natural style solutions instead of hair gels, as they contain fewer chemicals that can clog your follicles.

4. Avoid hot showers:

Hot baths are harmful for hair as they deprive the scalp of its natural protective oils.

Clinical experts also believe hat thinning hair and hair follicle miniaturization can be caused by inflammation of the scalp.