Top 5 exercises to get rid of stubborn back fat

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5 exercises to get rid of your back fat
5 exercises to get rid of your back fat

One common myth about losing back fat is assuming that you only need to focus on a specific area when in reality shedding it depends on your overall body fat.

The fat in our body relies on factors like genetics, diet and our daily routine, and while walking and carrying weights helps toning our chest and arms, the posterior part of our body gets unintentionally neglected.

What is back fat?

The accumulated fat on our lower backs which creates visible rolls is known as back fat, and while this extra lump of meat may be influenced by aging, body fat percentage and muscle tone, it can be toned by a combination of targeted strength training and nutritious diet.

5 exercises targeting your back fat:

Top 5 exercises to get rid of stubborn back fat

The below mentioned exercises fixate on your lower back, including your obliques and extensors.

1. Reverse hip:

For reverse hip, you need an exercise ball on which you can lie over your belly and then continue to squeeze your glute muscles together.

The ball should remain stable during movement while you hold your pose for several seconds before lowering your legs.

2. Side jackknife:

It targets your obliques present in your abdomen as you lie on the right side with legs stacked over each other.

Put your left arm behind your head while your right arm rests, and then you start to lift your left leg up and down.

Make sure your head is stable during movement. Repeat a few times before switching sides.

Top 5 exercises to get rid of stubborn back fat

3. Superman:

It specifically works for your backsides and glutes. All you need to do is lie on your stomach and stretch your body out so that your legs and arms elongate with movement.

Lift your hands and feet off the ground at the same time.

4. Lateral raises:

People who are looking for a toned back just need to raise dumbbells sideways multiple times for this exercise to take effect.

5. Rows:

This also includes dumbbells. So people are recomended to bend over a little and raise and lower your dumbbells accordingly with the weight that suits you best.